Laura Bisgaard Krogh

Laura Krogh is a danish photographer and co-owner of monolit. She is working at Danish Daily Jyllands-Posten as a photojournalist and is currently working on two longterm photo projects next to her work. One in Iceland about the Icelanders relation to nature, and one in Denmark about elite ballerinas. 


"Iceland no. 1"

by Laura Bisgaard Krogh

More than half of the Icelandic people believe, that there are two civilizations on the isolated island of cliffs in the north: The Icelanders and a magical people, who lives among them. They are called Huldufólk – and are hiding in the cliffs and rocks. Only few Icelanders have a connection to their world but many will go far to protect them and the stones they live in.

"Iceland no. 2"

by Laura Bisgaard Krogh

Snæfellsness Peninsula. According to the Icelanders Snæfellsness is a magical place. Here lies great forces of nature and the entire area is filled with stories about The Hidden People.

"Iceland no. 3"

by Laura Bisgaard Krogh

Dark lava sand streaming into the water on the coast of Snæfellsness Peninsula.

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